Friday, 4 June 2010

Stonehenge Demo FarCry Level

A few more hours work have completed a reasonable demonstration FarCry level for the landscape around Stonehenge.  Using Ordnance Survey terrain data and correctly placed vegetation, but dispensing with the modern roads and field boundaries, the final result is a sort of fantasy hype-real  Salisbury Plain.

The final product, including rather exaggerated henge earthworks,  looks pretty convincing and is set up to play as a free-for-all multiplayer map, allowing up to four players to explore the landscape simultaneously (no weapons though!).  I've added a few weather effects to make exploration interesting, wander too far from the stones and it starts to rain. 

In order to stop players falling off the map, in-game time is limited to two minutes, enough to explore the stones and their environs, but not enough to reach the edge of the 2 x 2km map, just right for a public display of the utility of games for archaeological visualisation, sufficient time to get a feel for things, but not so long that one person will hog the display.

All in all it provides a pretty convincing introduction to game-based visualisation.  Our geophysical survey team is hitting Salisbury Plain with a variety of high tech kit in the next few weeks, next up may be an attempt to visualise the hidden sub-surface in-game.